Midget & Sprite Spares

Identifying your Sprite or Midget

The Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midgets were produced from 1958 to 1979, and although they all look very similar, numerous changes were made to each model, over their 22 years of production. Starting with the Austin Healey Sprite Mk I, better known as the Bugeye or Frogeye Sprite, and ending with the MG Midget 1500, these changes included body shape and style changes, 4 engine capacities, and suspension and brake changes.

When purchasing parts for your Sprite or Midget, it is important that you know as much information as possible about the production details of your car, and where possible, any modifications that may have been carried out over its life.

Most importantly you will need to locate the chassis number, which will not only identify the model and year of your car, but also its origin. Primarily for Australian owners, this number will identify (amongst other things) if the car was built in the UK or if it was assembled in Australia.

Also of importance, is the Engine, Gearbox, Overdrive and Axle numbers which may be required when ordering parts for these units. These identification numbers are addressed further down page.

Location and Meaning of Chassis Numbers

Chassis Number Prefixes (AU Models)

Both Sprite and Midgets were assembled in Australia, from 1959 with the Bugeye Sprite, and ending in December 1970, with the Midget III.

These cars were supplied as "Completely Knocked Down" (CKD) Kits from the UK, and assembled in NSW, at the Zetland Plant (for Sprite I & Midgets), and the Pressed Metal Company plant (for Sprites II & III).

The easiest way to identify if your car is an Australian assembled model, is by the appearance of the letter "Y", as the first letter of the car's chassis number.

Start date Model Engine & Prefix #
YHAN1 Late 1959 Sprite I 948cc (9C/U/H)
YAAN2 Aug 62 Sprite II 948cc (9CG)
YHGN7 Mar 63 Sprite IIa 1098cc (10CG/Da)
YAGN8 Oct 64 Sprite III 1098cc (10CC/Da)
YHGN8 Aug 68 Sprite IIIa
YGGN4 / YGN4 Dec 67 Midget III 1275cc (12CC/Da/H)
YYGN5 Jan 70 Midget III 1275cc (12CE/Da/H)

Production Numbers (AU Models)

Model Chassis Prefix Production 
Sprite I YHAN1 894
Sprite II YAAN2 326
Sprite IIa YHGN7 976
Sprite III YAGN8 Approx. 600
Sprite IIIa YHGN8 Approx. 800
Midget III YGGN4 / YGN4 751
Midget III YYGN5 395


Chassis Number Prefixes (UK & US Models)

AN5 AH Sprite I - 1958→61
H-AN6 / H-AN7 AH Sprite II - 1961→64
G-AN1 / G-AN2 MG Midget I - 1961→64
H-AN8 AH Sprite III - 1964→66
G-AN3 MG Midget II - 1964→66
H-AN9 / H-AN10 AH Sprite IV - 1966→70
A-AN10 Austin Sprite - 1971
G-AN4 / G-AN5  MG Midget III - 1966→74
G-AN6 MG Midget 1500 - 1974→79

Decoding Chassis Numbers (UK & US Models)

Make: H Austin Healey
  A Austin (1971 models)
  G MG
Engine Series: A A-Series Engine
Body Type: N 2 Door - Roadster
Series: 1→10 Refer to Chassis No. tables
Market: [Blank] Right Hand Drive Models
L Left Hand Drive Models
U USA - Left Hand Drive Models
Car Number: ### Number with 3 to 7 Digits long

Note: From 1970 onwards, North American models had an additional letter (A→J) following the "U", to identify the year model. "A" being 1970, "B" Being 1971, and so on to 1979. 


Location and meaning of engine and other major component numbers

Decoding Engine Numbers (A Series) - 948cc. 1098cc & 1275cc engines

Sprite & Midget engine numbers can be broken down into 3 groups of alpha numeric codes, each being separated by a hyphen or slash.

(e.g. 10CG/Da/H1234)

Group 1: 9 948cc capacity
10 1098cc capacity
12 1275cc capacity
C Austin Healey 948cc
 Group 2: U Centre gear change
  Da Centre gear change (Close ratio)
Group 3: H High Compression
L Low Compression
### Engine Number (Exclusive to each engine)




***This page is still under construction, as at 16/08/2022***


Decoding Engine Numbers (MGB: B-Series 1798cc) - 18V engines

The MGB 18V Engine numbers can be broken down into 3 groups of alpha numeric codes, but unlike their 18G predecessor, groups 1 & 2 are not commonly separated with a hyphen or slash (e.g. 18V582Y-H123)

Group 1 : 18 1798cc (1800) capacity
V Vertical (inline)
Group 2 : 581F Bf+Pf+We*
(See table to the right for Code key) 581Y Bf+Pf+We*
582F Bf+Pf+We+R*
582Y Bf+Pf+We+R*
583F Bf+Pf+Rc*
583Y Bf+Pf+Rc*
584Z Re+Bf+Pf+We*
585Z Re+Bf+Pf+We+R*
  672Z Re+Bf+Pf+We+R*
  673Z Re+Bf+Pf+Ck+We+R*
  797AE Re+Bf+Pf+Ck+Hl+We*
  798AE Re+Bf+Pf+Ck+Hl+We+R*
  801AE Re+Bf+Pf+Ck+Jl+We*
  802AE Re+Bf+Pf+Ck+Jl+We+R*
  846F Bf+Pf+Tl+We*
  847F Bf+Pf+Tl+We+R*
  Z Carburettor crankcase ventilation, evaporative loss control and twin carburettors.
  AE Carburettor crankcase ventilation, air temperature control and evaporative loss control.
 Group 3: H High Compression
L Low Compression
L (2nd) Left hand Drive
### Engine Number  (Exclusive to each engine)

Key to 18V - Group 2 Codes

Suffix letter to Group 2 codes
F UK and Australian Market
Y European Market
Z North American Market


Reference codes for Group 2
Bf Lucas 16ACR or 17ACR alternator with negative earth
Ck Anti-run on valve
Pf Pre-engaged starter motor (when not normally fitted)
R Laycock overdrive
Re Exhaust emission control
We Centre gear change
Hl Meets 1975 US Federal regulations
Jl Meets 1975 Californian regulations
Tl Meets 1975 requirements

Engine Numbers for 3.5L GT V8

Unlike the 4 cylinder Models the GT V8 Engine numbers do not follow a code system, but rather and sequential number series, commencing with Engine Number: 48600001