A Better Class of Oil for over 90 years

Abingdon Motors proudly uses and stocks Australian's own Penrite automotive products.

Penrite originated in 1926 when, then 16 year old, Les Mecoles founded the "Penrite Oil Company" from his parents’ home in St.Kilda, Melbourne, Australia.

The first batches of oil were made on his mother’s kitchen stove, and delivered to service stations, milling factories and the local shipping port using his father’s wheelbarrow.

Oils were manufactured from the highest quality lubricants from Pennsylvania (PEN) base stocks, regarded at the time as the best in the world. Only the right oils (RITE) would ever be sold to local customers, hence PENRITE, with its unique name gained trust and respect amongst many.



Vintage & Classic Range

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 Oils & Lubricants

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Coolants & Antifreeze

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