Founded on Spare Parts

Abingdon Motors was conceived in the 1950s and early '60s, when it was uneconomical to repair and rebuild damaged or incomplete MGs.

At a time when most of the MGs on the road were everyday work cars, and many new parts were becoming obsolete or unaffordable, used parts were in great demand. Abingdon’s obtained it’s parts through the careful dismantling cars which were then considered beyond economic repair, and supplying good quality used parts became Abingdon’s core business

Dismantling any MG is unusual these days, as enthusiasts are now intent on restoring them. With this resurgence has come the remanufacturing of genuine parts by British Motor Heritage, and countless other suppliers for aftermarket and reproduction parts. Abingdon Motors guarantees all of our new parts, and these are supplied by authorised Heritage dealers, or by reputable manufacturers where an item is only available in reproduction.

Our inventory of new parts is continually growing, keeping a wide variety of spare parts for all models, from general service components to quality restoration essentials. We also carry a wide range of reconditioned exchange units (e.g. Motors, Gearboxes, Diffs, Calipers, Kingpins and Brake & Clutch Cylinders), to ensure a wide variety of options to our customers.