Boat Canvas Cleaner


Part Number: RBCC1131

For Regular Soft Top Cleaning

500ml bottle

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For regular cleaning and maintenance of canvas boat covers, freshening appearance and helping to preserve the boat cover’s overall condition. THE best cleaner for covers, bimini tops, canopies and spray hoods!

Boat Canvas Cleaner removes grime and ingrained dirt without impairing the appearance of the boat cover’s canvas and is suitable for all colours.

Boat Canvas Cleaner is recommended for preparation of canvas covers before application of Boat Canvas Reviver and Marine Ultra Proofer. It is especially important to ensure that the canvas is free of grease, dirt and any previous waterproof coatings before using Boat Canvas Reviver.

Marine Ultra Proofer can still be applied with residual waterproofing agents within the material, but it should be thoroughly cleaned with Boat Canvas Cleaner to ensure that dust and dirt will not be sealed into the canvas.

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