Silicone Free Tyre Dressing


Silicone Free Tyre Dressing is the preferred ‘go-to’ for dedicated motoring enthusiasts. It’s specially formulated to leave your tyre in its purest form.

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pH Neutral Alloy & Wire Wheel Cleaner is the unparalleled alloy and wire wheel cleaner available on the market today.

It is 100% water based, 100% biodegradable and 100% silicone, solvent and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free.

A sensible balance of mild surfactants rather than a mix of aggressive high-level alkali and acid chemicals.

Our unique manufacturing process ensures this product will not penetrate paint, chrome or alloy surfaces, nor their substrate.

Making it ideal for cleaning painted, alloy and chrome wire wheels.

Additionally, pH Neutral Alloy & Wire Wheel Cleaner will not “burn” the chrome on wire wheels and will reduce the possibility of corrosion within the rim.

Wheels should be cold before application.

Application Instructions

  • Clean the tyre first with E-Valence pH Neutral Alloy & Wire Wheel Cleaner
  • Apply to a firm sponge and wipe over the tyre in an even manner.
  • Wipe dry after application.
  • Ensure the tyre is not left “Wet” as overnight this wetness may run down the rim and causing “Fling”
  • Reapply as and when necessary.
  • May be applied to a wet tyre.

Best Results

Ensure the tyre surface is clean before application.

Usage Tips

  • Apply evenly over the tyre surface.
  • Drying after application.
  • Keep tyre application sponge and cloth separate from the rest of your cleaning equipment.