Quality Cars since the 1960's

Since the 1960's Abingdon motors has complimented our parts and mechanical services with providing good quality MG's for sale, both in house cars, and cars sold on consignment.   

This service was put on hold in 2014, however we are proud to announce that as of 2017 the new owners of Abingdon were granted a QLD Motor Dealers license, and Car Sales have once again returned to Abingdon.

We are now able to buy and sell vehicles, including those cherished treasures for our customers’, who wish to sell them through us on a consignment basis.

At the front of our shop we have a showroom that can be seen easily from the road, where we display any vehicles for sale, and our frontage to Annerley Road provides good exposure to passing traffic.

What better place to sell your buy or sell a vehicle than, than a trusted MG Business with over 60 years experience where enthusiasts are visiting daily? 

Being a mechanical workshop we are able to also help prepare your vehicle for sale, inspect and issue Road Worthy Certificates, and carry out any repairs to ensure the cars meet the required standards.  

We are always looking for cars to offer to our clients. If you like to discuss selling or consigning your car, please contact us via our contact form, or phone on 07 3844 2881

Cars we have for sale will be listed below when available

For Sale

By Consignment

1946 MG TC 


  • Body Colour:  Ivory
  • Trim Colour: Red
  • Engine:  4 cylinder (1250cc)
  • Gearbox:  4 Speed

If you are interested in this beautiful classic, please contact us via email, or call us on 07 3844 2881, during business hours. 


We are currently looking for cars to sell on consignment

Please contact our shop manager if you have a car you are looking to sell