Rob’s Toolbox Challenge – Answers

Listed below are the answers to Rob's Toolbox Challenge, from All British Day 2017 

Congratulations to Cliff Milne who answered 7 out of the 10 correctly, and has won a copy of the hard cover book "The Art of Gordon Crosby" by Peter Garnier.   

#1 - SU Jet Centering Tool

This is used when building SU Carburetors. Loosely fit the jet carrier (no jet at this stage) fit
the Bell to the body without the piston, slide the centering tool through the bell, and into the
loose jet carrier to align it. Then tighten the carrier, and check for free non-binding travel.

#2 - Bullet connector pliers

This Tool is used to push bullet connectors together.

#3 - Spring Hose Clamp Tool

This tool is used more often on modern cars to remove hose clamps by clamping onto them
in order to hold them open to remove.

#4 - Top Dead Centre Bubble Finder

This works by getting the piston close to top dead centre, then screwing in the modified spark
plug. You then put some elasticated liquid (spit) to cover the hole, and by rotating the crank you
can see the Liquid (spit) rise then fall as you go over TDC, by turning back and forth you can
find TDC

#5 - Brake Split Pin Removal Tool

This screwdriver has a sot cut into it which is used to remove the split pins that are difficult to
get to in the brake drums

#6 - Spark Plug Gapping Tool (Feeler Gauge)

A spark plug gapping tool is used to gap a spark plug between the ground and the electrode
to a manufacturers specs.

#7 - Cable Oiler

The cable oiler clamps down onto the wire cable in order to push lubricant down the cable

#8 - Piston Ring Pliers

These are used to remove piston rings by forcing them to open wide enough to get over the
piston to either fit or remove the rings.

#9 - Brake Adjusting Spanner

The brake adjusting spanner is used for adjusting the brake tensioner.

#10 - Wiper Blade Holder Spreader Tool

This tool was given to Rob many years ago in the UK by the Trico Rep (windscreen wiper
manufacturer). This tool is the correct size for their wiper blades, simply slide it between the
clamps on the wiper arm and push it in to open them to the correct gap, to accept the new

Christmas 2017 Noggin & Natter

Abingdon Motors is happy to announce our Christmas Noggin and Natter

Car enthusiasts of any marque are welcome to come and have a chat and bite to eat.

Date: Saturday, 2nd December 2017

Time: 8am - 11am 

Where: 192 Annerley Road Dutton Park 


Saved the Clock Tower


Abingdon Motors has for many years been recognized by passers by, due to its distinctive landmark. The large octagonal clock perched on top of the stone facade wall, has stood watch since 70's.  But for much of that time, like it's fictional "Back to the future"counterpart , it has not kept time due to storm damage.



The clock, which has been called a Brisbane icon, was looked upon by commuters on their way to and from work until it stopped during a storm in 1983, when it was struck by lightning at 10:20 ...Great Scott!

It would remain frozen at 10:20 for more than 30 years. 

In 2014, following the purchase of the business by Phil MacMahon, the decision was made to restore the clock to its former glory. It was taken down and the damage assessed; there was a lot of rust and weather damage to body, but the internal working appeared to be ok.

The clock movements were removed, pulled apart, cleaned and reassembled, and were found to be in good working order. However, it was decided to not reinstate them into the clock.

The Original movements were kept for posterity and the replacement movements were sourced. The dials showed no damage, so they were cleaned and reused, the acrylic domes were yellowed and showed stress fractures, so these were discarded. 

A new body and face-plates were constructed, but this time these were built to accommodate flat plexi-glass rather than the domed covers the original had, so as to ensure a proper seal.

The internal mounting structure was patched and repaired, and new hands were sourced to fit the newer movements, along with an internal lighting system, to illuminate the dials at night.

The clock was completed and returned to its place of pride atop our wall. 

The restoration was a success, and the clock looked, and ran better than ever.

Unfortunately on the 4th of December 2014, Brisbane was hit by a severe hail storm which damaged homes and cars throughout the city, as luck would have it the freshly restored clock once again sat on top of wall sporting storm damage. 

Large hail stones tore through the southern side of the clock, smashing the new face and destroying the original dial. The northern side was spared any visible damage, and continued run until it was disconnected for fear of water damaging the movement.

After the storm it was rebuilt for the second time, and the Landmark Abingdon Clock was restored to its rightful place, on top on the stone Facade, again telling time for those that pass by...